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Your donation will be MATCHED through January 18th!

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When I first came to Golden State Humane Society in 2016, a veteran named Mike called our Long Beach clinic concerned about his senior, rescue beagle, Ethel. She was lethargic and had lost her appetite. She was Mike’s entire life, and his worry was palpable. Upon examination, our lead veterinarian, Dr. Lott, diagnosed Ethel with pyometra, a serious infection of the uterus that can sometimes lead to death when a dog has not been spayed–and Mike was unaware that Ethel had not been.

Golden State Humane Society strives to offer the lowest prices possible while maintaining the highest quality of care. We can’t compete with the prices of mobile clinics or animal care services, but our two brick-and-mortar clinics in Long Beach and Garden Grove not only allow us to provide safe, hands-on care for every patient from check-in to check-out, they also imbed us into our communities. We know our patients and clients. And we know they most often have nowhere else to go–as was the case with Mike and Ethel.

When Mike returned to bring Ethel home after her life-saving surgery, he handed us a worn Ziploc bag. Its contents included his military ID, his driver’s license and a twenty dollar bill. That twenty dollars was all the money he had. Without hesitation, our entire Long Beach staff stepped up and collectively paid for Ethel’s surgery. Mike left our clinic with a healthier Ethel and a twenty dollar bill in his pocket.

In the nearly 48 years Golden State Humane Society has been providing veterinary care to our under-served communities, we have cared for thousands of companion animals beloved by their veteran guardians. These dogs and cats, whether or not they are trained in support, are vital parts of the lives and well being of those we honor most–those who most often have experienced tremendous trauma through their dedication and service to us.

We care for families like Mike and Ethel daily, and it’s time for us to do more. Once funded, our Veteran Program will provide free services to qualified veterans in need. With your support, families like Mike and Ethel will have access to spay, neuter, vaccine and basic veterinary care without having to worry about what’s left in their pocket.

Will you help us fund this much-needed program?

$10 can provide a rabies vaccine

$25 can provide medicaiton or flea treatment

$50 can provide a health exam and a DHLPP vaccine

$75 can provide diagnostics or bloodwork

$100 or more can help provide a spay or neuter surgery

Thank you for your continued support of Golden State Humane Society!

With Gratitude,

Alexandra Caswell - Executive Director